Lorenzon Group

Design and development of high quality moulds
The company Camillo Lorenzon was founded in 1976.

The determination and professional skill of Mr Camillo Lorenzon provide the mail thrust to the start of a business capable of meeting the contiunuous requests from the mechanical industries.

Following his significant working experience as an employee, Lorenzon has sunk all his experience into the company in order to face any of the construction problems to be found in the metal mould design and manufacturing industry.
The company has no broadened its activities to include steelplate moulding.
Equipped with modern presses, the company is involved in moulds testing and in mechanical parts production.
The synergy between planning, realization and production has turned out to be important for the development of moulds with very particular features capable of meeting any industrial request.

In 1998, as a demostration of his steady professional and technical growth, Mr Camillo Lorenzon was appointed Knight of the Republic.


SINCE 1976